Here you will find a selection of my books, both published and free to read on Wattpad.

What you can find in my books:

  • Historical, swashbuckling adventures 
  • Narratives set on the sea
  • Stories centralising queer characters, including asexual, gay and lesbian representation
  • Relationships beyond just romantic portrayals – focus on friendship and familial
  • Representation of mental health issues such as PTSD, anxiety and depression
  • Female characters other than simply the roles of wives and damsels
  • Ensemble casts 

The Devil to Pay (Nightingale and Courtney Book #2)

In a world of gunpowder, smoke and blood, two men’s love will rise above the chaos.

In 1802, The Treaty of Amiens brings the French Revolutionary Wars to an end. After the drama of the past few years, Lieutenant Arthur Courtney returns home to England where he hopes to spend a blissful summer with his close friend, Hiram Nightingale.

But within weeks, HMS Loyal goes missing en route to Malta. She carries a French and British diplomat, Hugo Baptiste and Sir William Haywood. Their disappearance, in this tentative time of peace, may be enough to prematurely ignite war between France and Britain once more.

Both Courtney and Nightingale, Sir William’s son-in-law, receive a position on HMS Lysander, tasked with tracking down the missing frigate. But as their mission grows ever more dangerous with each passing day, the risk of dissension simmers menacingly on the deck of the Lysander.

And when painful memories finally begin to rise to the surface after so many years, the truth of Courtney and Nightingale’s powerful bond could be the spark that sets everything ablaze…

A thrilling queer adventure on the High Seas, with romance, naval warfare and long hidden secrets finally come to light. Perfect for fans of Kate Mosse, Ken Follett and Diana Gabaldon.

Out April 4 2024

Leeward (Nightingale and Courtney Book #1)

For whatever we lose, it is our self we find in the sea.

Captain Hiram Nightingale is a veteran of the wars which have raged throughout Europe and the Americas. But a grand victory at the Battle of the Nile in 1798 comes at a devastating cost. Plagued by wounds both physical and mental, he attempts to recover by accepting command of HMS Scylla. His task is to hunt down a mutinous ship and bring the crew to justice.

However, it soon becomes clear that the mission is just one danger in an immense web. Nightingale finds himself in the middle of a network of secrets that will affect everyone onboard the Scylla. He has to battle against the perils of the war-torn seas, a crew who he fears does not accept him, and meddling, powerful figures from his past.

And in the centre of all this, his new lieutenant, the popular Arthur Courtney, stirs up long repressed feelings. On his journey, Nightingale must confront his own demons. For it seems, during his dangerous adventure, his greatest enemy might just be himself.

A queer Age of Sail adventure published by Canelo Adventure 11 May 2023


Praise for Leeward

‘There is a weight of human insight here that is quite dazzling. A story told with such panache deserves a bestseller mass audience’ Conn Iggulden

One of the best debut novels I have read in many years. A magnificent, compelling read’ Ben KaneSunday Times bestselling author

Profound, intricate, artful. A truly original story of forbidden love and adventure. I urge you to sail into the storm!’ A. J. WestSunday Times bestselling author

A stunning book. In an utterly authentic voice, Katie Daysh brings to life the terrifying power of the sea, and the bonds of both love and duty that tie a captain to his ship’ Damion Hunter, author of Shadow of the Eagle

‘Katie Daysh has created an utterly unique and intriguing addition to the genre of Age of Fighting Sail fiction. And all the while she keeps her historical world perfectly believable and keeps the pages turning’ James Nelson, author of The Guardship

‘A complex and compelling new naval hero sets sail!’ J. D. Davies, author of Sailor of Liberty